Bootstrap Blocks

Use the collection of ready-made website blocks to quickly build great looking websites. Drag blocks to the page, customize the content, style CSS rules if you want – and your website is done. You can even create fully customizable WordPress themes with blocks.

  • Bootstrap Blocks

    Blocks are a set of ready-made Bootstrap blocks for quickly building a great-looking real-world websites. Not only that, the same set of blocks can be used to build fully-customizable WordPress themes.

    Bootstrap Blocks are a part of standard edition of Pinegrow and WordPress Blocks are a part of WordPress edition.

  • Bootstrap Blocks for WordPress

    A set of ready-made website sections for building WordPress themes that can be fully customizable through WordPress customizer.

  • Sample Content for WordPress Themes using Bootstrap Blocks

    In order to help you understand how WordPress themes created with Pinegrow and using Bootstrap Blocks works, we have created a sample content file for your upcoming experimentations. The sample content will add numerous posts with pictures and meta data in your WordPress setup in order for you to quickly understand how to configure your […]