Bootstrap Blocks for WordPress

A set of ready-made website sections for building WordPress themes that can be fully customizable through WordPress customizer.

See Bootstrap Blocks for customizing HTML and CSS for individual blocks. Here we deal only with WordPress-specific topics.

Quick start

After you finish setting up the HTML and CSS as described on Bootstrap Blocks page, set the theme info and Export the theme to get a WordPress theme that can be fully customized with WordPress Customizer:



The License

You can use Blocks to build and deploy websites for yourself and your clients, free or paid, as many as you want.

You can NOT use Blocks to create templates and themes that you then sell in template marketplaces or give away for free.

Sample Content for WordPress Themes using Bootstrap Blocks

In order to help you understand how WordPress themes created with Pinegrow and using Bootstrap Blocks works, we have created a sample content file for your upcoming experimentations.

The sample content will add numerous posts with pictures and meta data in your WordPress setup in order for you to quickly understand how to configure your new theme from the customizer.

IMPORTANT: Please, IMPORT the Sample content ONLY AFTER you have created, exported and activated your first WordPress theme using Bootstrap Blocks. Otherwise, it will not work.

Step 1

Download the file (use Save as) pinegrowwpwebeditor.wordpress.2015-07-22-1.xml and save it to your desktop.

Step 2

Log in to your WordPress installation. Move the mouse pointer to the “Tools” heading on the left side and select “Import” on the menu.

Tools Import

Step 3

Click the “WordPress” link. A prompt appears to ask if you would like to download the WordPress Importer tool.

Step 4

Click “Install Now.”

wordpress plugin install now

Step 5

Click the “Activate Plugin & Run Importer” link. This activates the WordPress Importer tool and brings you to a screen titled “Import WordPress.”

Step 6

Click the “Choose File” button and double-click the WordPress sample data file on the desktop.

choose file

Step 7

Click the “Upload File and Import” button.

Step 8

Click the “Download and import file attachments” check box to download the images attached to the sample posts.

import file attachments

Step 9

Click the “Submit” button to import the sample data into your website. Be patient, the process can take a few minutes until completion.

wordpress import done

Now, you have all the Content “sources” (posts, images, meta content) that you need for testing your WordPress theme!