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Dropdowns are not working after using Manage Frameworks

This can happen if you use Manage Frameworks to load a Javascript file that is not a valid Pinegrow plugin (for example, if you add bootstrap.js). Solution is to reset the internal Pinegrow data by deleting Pinegrow Web Designer and/or Pinegrow Web Editor folders located in: ~/Library/Application Support/ on OS X (note ~ at the […]

Pinegrow App Window disappears after launch

THIS IS A QUICK FIX FOR PROBLEM AFFECTING PINEGROW 2.0 IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS Please follow the instructions listed here if Pinegrow application window disappears after you start Pinegrow. A proper solution will be included in the next release. For now do this: Find the folder where Pinegrow is installed, for example C://Program Files/Pinegrow Web Designer […]

“.html should not be in path” bug in Pinegrow WP 2.2

We have recently found that the presence of the .HTML extension in the path generates an issue in Pinegrow. While this is an uncommon situation, we advise you not to add this extension to your directories. Note: The issue will be fixed in our next version (2.3)

Body class bug workaround in Pinegrow WP 2.2

We have recently discovered an issue in Body class action in Pinegrow WP 2.2 and you can be sure that we’ll fix it in our next version. In the mean time you can you can still add this useful feature to your templates by using the following workaround. That particular situation is the perfect example to […]