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How to add Contact forms, surveys and more with Wufoo

If you want to include a form on your site, you can use PHP email scripts (there is one included with Bootstrap Blocks) or use Wufoo, a form designer that can help you create contact forms, online surveys and invitations so you can easily collect the data, registrations and payments you need.

Designer Feedback: Working with Pinegrow and External Applications

I’m Emmanuel Arnoud and I’m webdesigner. I’m part of the Pinegrow team where I work on WordPress related stuff like the Starter Theme. The following is a short summary of my current webdesign process when I work on a WordPress theme with Pinegrow . Note: I use a Macbook Pro 15′ and a basic 19′ external monitor + […]

Build your own Blocks

Everybody loves blocks! The idea of having a set of reusable website sections is very appealing. And for a good reason – most websites and web apps share a lot of similar elements: navigation menus, headers, services, portfolios, and so on. So why not package these sections into blocks and use them to quickly build different websites? With Pinegrow, that’s easy & quick!

Using partials for Pinegrow UI dialogs

Partials are HTML documents that contain only a part of the whole page, for example a widget, or in this case the content of various Pinegrow Web Editor dialog windows.

Resize Page Views and Add Responsive Breakpoints

From Pinegrow 2.4 you can dynamically resize your page views directly in the application and check the responsive behavior but you can also easily define new responsive Breakpoints from your pages custom width.

Working with partials

Partials are HTML documents that contain only a part of the complete page. Partials are usually used with web apps where the app logic dynamically constructs the page.

Editing PHP, ASP and ERB templates

PHP, ASP and ERB HTML templates are server-side code files that contain valid HTML layouts with dynamic PHP, ASP and ERB tags. Starting from Pinegrow 2.4 (2.95 for ASP and ERB) you can visually edit them in Pinegrow Web Editor.

Using Test clicks

Test clicks in Pinegrow let you interact with your page just like it would be displayed in a normal browser. In this mode you can navigate through your website pages by clicking on links and access interactive features of your page, like responsive menus, modals…

Collapsing and hiding elements

The outline tree is one of the most useful features of Pinegrow. From the tree view, you can clearly visualize the structure of the page and manipulate all its elements.