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Pinegrow PRO

Pinegrow PRO is an edition of Pinegrow Web Editor with powerful tools like Projects, Master pages and Smart components, perfect for building and managing multi-page websites.

Pinegrow App Window disappears after launch

THIS IS A QUICK FIX FOR PROBLEM AFFECTING PINEGROW 2.0 IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS Please follow the instructions listed here if Pinegrow application window disappears after you start Pinegrow. A proper solution will be included in the next release. For now do this: Find the folder where Pinegrow is installed, for example C://Program Files/Pinegrow Web Designer […]

Using Font Awesome plugin

Pinegrow comes with a Font Awesome plugin that lets you easily add icons to the page and edit their properties. It also supports Icon stacks.

Collaborative editing

At the moment Pinegrow doesn’t have any special collaboration features. Team members can work on the same website project on the level of files with the help of source control system like Git. The project should be stored in a central source control repository and each team member works with their snapshot of the project […]

Uploading site to the server

HTML & CSS files created / edited with Pinegrow can be uploaded to your server with any file transfer app (FTP…) or version control system (GIT…).