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Build your own Blocks

Everybody loves blocks! The idea of having a set of reusable website sections is very appealing. And for a good reason – most websites and web apps share a lot of similar elements: navigation menus, headers, services, portfolios, and so on. So why not package these sections into blocks and use them to quickly build different websites? With Pinegrow, that’s easy & quick!

Converting HTML website to WordPress theme

In this tutorial we’ll use Pinegrow to convert a one-page portfolio website into a WordPress theme. In the process we’ll cover theme structure, static front pages, custom fields, default & custom loops, using custom PHP code and registering new post types.

Fixing a Broken Template with Pinegrow

Flatty, a free Bootstrap theme from Black Tie, is a beautiful and elegant theme perfect for a simple landing page. But its grid layout only works properly on large screen sizes. See how we used Pinegrow to fix the layout issues. Plus we made the theme customizable with LESS variables.

Creating responsive layouts

Responsive websites adjust their layout and content so that they work great at any screen size. This is done with CSS rules that use media queries to target different screen sizes.