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Getting Started with Pinegrow WP

All of Pinegrow WP documentation, tutorials and sample projects now collected on a single page, listed in the recommended study order.

You have just reached the best place to learn How to create awesome WordPress themes with Pinegrow WP!

Designer Feedback: Working with Pinegrow and External Applications

I’m Emmanuel Arnoud and I’m webdesigner. I’m part of the Pinegrow team where I work on WordPress related stuff like the Starter Theme. The following is a short summary of my current webdesign process when I work on a WordPress theme with Pinegrow . Note: I use a Macbook Pro 15′ and a basic 19′ external monitor + […]

Converting HTML website to WordPress theme

In this tutorial we’ll use Pinegrow to convert a one-page portfolio website into a WordPress theme. In the process we’ll cover theme structure, static front pages, custom fields, default & custom loops, using custom PHP code and registering new post types.

How to use WordPress Pages and Posts templates?

A website usually contains more than an index page and you probably want to create different layouts for different pages and posts of your website. The good news is that WordPress can handle all your needs thanks to the use of specific templates that you can create with Pinegrow.

How to add Comments to your Single Post template?

Amongst many other useful features, WordPress is known to be a powerful blog system. If you decide to include a blog section in your theme, you will probably want to add comments as well in order to allow your visitors to participate in discussion. This tutorial will show you how to use Pinegrow to add standard WordPress comments to your theme.