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  1. How to start your WordPress theme development with Pinegrow WP
    Before starting any HTML template to WordPress theme conversion, you should ask yourself a few questions and follow some easy rules.
  2. 5 things you should know about WordPress HEADER and FOOTER in Pinegrow
    Header and Footer are two important parts in a WordPress theme and thanks to Pinegrow, you can easily handle both of these elements.
  3. Navigation menus
    Creating a menu is one of less pleasant parts of WordPress theme development and this is probably one of the reason why the business of plugins related to menus is flourishing.
    With Pinegrow, you can now easily create customised navigation menus by yourself – that’s also much more rewarding!
  4. Top bar and nested submenus with Foundation 5 WordPress Navwalker
    The Smart Menus in Pinegrow offers a very convenient way to use different kind of menus components and transform them into WordPress navigation menus.
  5. Custom page templates
    Did you know a WordPress theme can have multiple page templates and that you can choose which template is used for a page on Edit page screen in WordPress admin?
  6. WordPress Generated Classes
    Each WordPress Theme should have these or similar styles in its style.css file to be able to display images and captions properly.
  7. How to add Standard WordPress Galleries to posts and pages
    How to make WordPress standard Galleries and make them appear correctly in posts and pages.
  8. How to add Comments to your Single Post template
    Amongst many other useful features, WordPress is known to be a powerful blog system. If you decide to include a blog section in your theme, you will probably want to add comments as well in order to allow your visitors to participate in discussion. This tutorial will show you how to use Pinegrow to add standard WordPress comments to your theme.
  9. How to use WordPress Pages and Posts templates
    A website usually contains more than an index page and you probably want to create different layouts for different pages and posts of your website. The good news is that WordPress can handle all your needs thanks to the use of specific templates that you can create with Pinegrow.
  10. Use real content in your HTML templates with Import from WordPress
    Pinegrow lets you import the actual content of your local WordPress website into your theme’s source HTML files.
  11. Enqueuing scripts and stylesheets
    Our goal is to be the most compliant with the official WordPress coding guidelines and Pinegrow uses proper script and stylesheets enqueuing to include Javascript and CSS files into a theme in a WordPress-friendly way.


  1. How to add a slider to your WordPress theme
    Sliders are very common in modern webdesign and this is a feature that you can easily bring into a WordPress theme created with Pinegrow.
  2. Pinegrow WP and WordPress Custom Fields
    Posts and pages in WordPress can have custom fields. Let’s take a look at how we can use custom fields to choose which colors are used for displaying the content. We’ll first do it with standard custom fields and then with Advanced custom fields plugin.
  3. Introduction to Custom Post Types in Pinegrow WP
    Discover and Learn about how to create Custom Post Types in your WordPress Themes.
  4. Create a Loop with a Custom Post Type
    Adding a loop is the way to display posts in your WordPress theme. But the standard loop only works for standard post types (pages and posts). Custom post types require some specific settings.
  5. How to customize styles.css header
    In addition to CSS style information for your theme, style.css provides mandatory details about the Theme. Here is how to customize the file.
  6. How to add code snippets to functions.php file
    Customizing functions.php is one way to change the default behaviors of WordPress. The functions file behaves like a WordPress Plugin, adding features and functionality to a WordPress site.
  7. How to Get WooCommerce to run in a WordPress theme created with Pinegrow
    With WooCommerce plugin, you can transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred eCommerce store.
  8. How to Check your WordPress Theme created with Pinegrow
    You think your WordPress theme is done and you would like to share it with the world.
    But, prior to the release, our best advice is that you now proceed with a complete check-up!
  9. How to Link Template parts with Smart components
    Make your WordPress development process easier and build a custom library of partial templates that you will be able to quickly instantiate in your WordPress common templates.
  10. How to use ACF Pro Flexible Content with Pinegrow WP
    The Advanced Custom Fields plugin (ACF) for WordPress allows you to take full control of your edit screens & custom field data. You can easily use it to create awesome experiences in your themes developed with Pinegrow WP.

Setting up your WordPress development environment

  1. How to start your WordPress theme development with Pinegrow WP
    Pinegrow is an awesome solution to create beautiful static HTML pages and to create wonderful and dynamic WordPress themes. But before starting any HTML template to WordPress theme conversion, you should ask yourself a few questions and follow some easy rules.
  2. How-to setup Pinegrow WP for WordPress theme development
    A step by step guide about how to setup a WordPress install on your computer and setup Pinegrow WordPress builder so that you can start creating WordPress themes.
  3. Why and How to create a Settings Page
    While Pinegrow WP offers a really convenient way to setup all the WordPress actions directly from your HTML templates, there comes times when a web developer needs a bit of organization in his workflow, not only because such an approach is cleaner, but also for maintenance and evolution purposes. It’s always a good idea to consider solutions that can definitely ease your job.
  4. Useful WordPress Resources
    WordPress Theme Development is easier than ever with Pinegrow WP but still, a certain knowledge is required to fully understand the finesses of Theme creation. Here are our recommendations for the best online resources.

Integrate Pinegrow WP in your workflow

  1. Working with Pinegrow and External Applications
    Emmanuel is in charge of the WordPress related topics in the Pinegrow Team. Here is a short summary of his current webdesign process when he work on a WordPress theme with Pinegrow WP.
  2. Use Atom as code editor in Pinegrow with live sync between both apps
    You can use Atom and Pinegrow together: code parts that are easier to code in Atom and use Pinegrow’s powerful tools to work with HTML structure, Bootstrap, WordPress, master pages, components and so on.

Ready-made themes and Sample projects

  1. Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme
    A foundation for quickly developing your own custom themes. (PGWP sources included – commercial)
  2. PG-Blog
    A WordPress theme for blog writers (PGWP sources included – free)
  3. PGWP-Landy
    A HTML template to use with Pinegrow WP (PGWP sources included – free)
  4. PGWP-Flatinum
    A HTML template to use with Pinegrow WP (PGWP sources included – free)
  5. PG-BootstrapStarter
     A WordPress theme created with Pinegrow WP (free)
  6. Demo theme
    From the Video Course (PGWP sources included – free)
  7. PG-Hellobar
    A Notification Bar for WordPress created with Pinegrow + Bootstrap and some bits of Javascript. (PGWP sources included – free)