The complete list of WooCommerce features supported in Shop Builder.

Single product

  • Simple products and variable product types are supported
  • Layout controlled by actions / hooks
  • Freestyle layout with full control over positioning of page elements
  • Fully customized Add to cart section for simple and variable products
  • WooCommerce compatible image gallery or custom image gallery that can be powered by Pinegrow Interactions or JavaScript code. 
  • Custom information tabs or accordions
  • Related products and Up-sells
  • Sale flash stickers that can display the saved amount or percentage
  • Full control over the price display (sale, regular when on sale, regular when not on sale)
  • Custom product attributes display (table, grid…)
  • Design product rating display
  • Output product tags and categories
  • And all the basic functions such as product title, description and so on. 

List of products (Product archive)

  • Powerful Show products action lets you display the main product loop, custom query or ACF relationship
  • Layout controlled by actions / hooks
  • Freestyle layout with full control over positioning of page elements
  • Create loop templates for product title, price, rating and so on
  • Design custom totals display, ordering control and pagination 


  • Display the default categories or use custom conditions
  • Customize the categories list with category thumbnails, title, description, count and link

Misc. features

  • Design custom breadcrumbs
  • Define main content wrapper for actions / hooks
  • Customize notices (success, info and error)
  • Display and optionally register dynamic sidebars
  • Search form
  • Manually trigger any WooCommerce action or add custom PHP code

Gutenberg Blocks

Use Pinegrow’s powerful Block actions to create fully custom native Gutenberg blocks with WooCommerce features, for example:

  • Display popular products
  • Products on sale
  • Latest products
  • The list of categories
  • Single product display


All features described so far are already available. In the next few months we will implement customizing the:

  • Grouped products
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Expand the component and template library

And we are open to other suggestions.

Last updated on April 3, 2022 at 9:57 pm

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