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Contact Us

Ran into problems? Have a suggestion? We would love to hear from you!

Our expert team are here to provide assistance with specific Pinegrow features, billing and/or licensing issues.

Ask us a question or tell us about your problem and we’ll always endeavour to quickly find a solution for you. Your request will be processed by our support team and we’ll respond promptly after receipt.

Send a mail to

While we sometimes respond to urgent messages on Saturdays and Sundays, we don’t offer 24/7 support and most of the time the Pinegrow support team – which is located in Europe (current Timezone CEST) – also enjoy well-deserved weekends.

IMPORTANT: add our support email to your address book NOW so you will be able to receive our answers.

WordPress support Guidelines

In order to provide better support to our customers using Pinegrow PRO with WordPress theme builder and Pinegrow Theme Converter for WordPress, from April 9, 2020, we have started a test phase for a new procedure based on the use of the FREE Local “Lightning” app Community version from Flywheel.

What are the details of this new procedure?

It’s very simple. When you start developing a WordPress theme with Pinegrow PRO/WP, we invite you to install and use Local “Lightning” app Community version from Flywheel, which beyond being free, multi-platform (Mac, Win, Linux), extremely efficient and widely recognized by the WordPress community, will offer you the opportunity to easily (just one click) EXPORT your entire local development site to a ZIP archive that you can send us for debugging purposes.

IMPORTANT Don’t forget to also send us the admin login AND password of your local WordPress test site. Without these credentials, we won’t be able to intervene.

Note: Here is a VERY GOOD tutorial about how to setup a WordPress Local Development environment on your computer:

You can also start by downloading our ready-to-use WordPress test site

You can download our ready to use WordPress test site that you can use for all your WordPress theme developments with Local “Lightning” app.

This custom installation – running the very last WordPress 5.4 – is specially configured for WordPress theme development by our in-house specialist Emmanuel and contains all the plugins and tweaks needed to seriously create and test WordPress themes.

Download the file and from, select the File menu > use the Import Site option and follow the instructions.

When the site is installed, you can login with the user:pinegrow and password: pinegrow

When working on your custom theme, If you need our help, simply export your site and send it to us

Once we receive your archive, we will be able to install it on our own system and test your theme with YOUR own data (your content, your settings) and your own specific site structure.

Please don’t send us the site archive directly by email but you use a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer instead. (Thank you to create a standard link that you will copy/paste and send to our support email. Do not send any sharing link directly from the sharing service to our support email.)

Important Notice

​In addition to the ZIP archive of your site, as usual with our support procedure, we will also need you to send us your master project folder (the one that you EDIT with Pinegrow and which contain the HTML + CSS + all the external resources (images and more) > Not the one that you have exported from Pinegrow into a WordPress theme) so we can also analyze what is wrong with the project.

About the support team role and process

The support team communicate exclusively by email and does not offer direct one-on-one discussions over Skype, Messenger, screen sharing apps etc….

When we receive an email from you through our support channel, we assume that you have already thoroughly reviewed our documentation and tutorials (note: using the search bar can be a great help!), our Youtube Channel and our community forum.

We’re unable to provide extensive support or step by step / custom instructions / guides about HTML and CSS, Bootstrap & Foundation frameworks, and extended custom functionalities related to WordPress.

However, we take good note of all the questions/use case we receive and depending on the frequency of similar requests, we maybe publish specific tutorials on our documentation site in the near future.