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Discover and read useful articles, tutorials and awesome resources related to web design with Pinegrow.

  • WordPress Theme Development basics: We get you covered!

    Our documentation about WordPress theme development covers the most recurring topics and questions, but it turns out that it is rarely the first place where Pinegrow users seek for information.

    So here’s a reminder of the sections we find most appealing in light of the questions we recently received in the Pinegrow Technical Support inbox.

  • Pinegrow Web Editor 5.97 is out

    Tailwind Visual Editor add-on – Drag & Drop with collapsed elements – Reorganized HTML element Library – Copy paste attributes – Combined Undo history and more.

  • Introducing Pinegrow 5

    Pinegrow 5 is available for download. It comes with “Focus on…” mode, Handling inline styles and other styling improvements, Drag files from the Project panel and more.

  • #pinegrowchallenge2018 Winners!

    The #pinegrowchallenge2018 operation is now over and we are proud to announce that it is not 3 but 5 winners who took the time to share their testimonial about how they use Pinegrow and that we will reward today!

  • Happy 4th Birthday Pinegrow!

    Pinegrow 1.0 was born on January 8th, four years ago. At that time, Pinegrow was just one more indie app, launched with zero marketing, facing the most likely prospect of never making it through the first year.

    Yet somehow, the stars aligned and sales started trickling on the very same night.

  • New Year Challenge

    Post a testimonial on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or write a blog post about how you use Pinegrow in your everyday web design process and win 1 full license that you can keep or offer to a friend.

  • Color the Boxes

    The Pinegrow Challenge: take any tool you like – including coding by hand – and try to be faster than Pinegrow at using classes to style a bunch of boxes.