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Special Offer for Users of WordPress Page Builders

Come onboard Pinegrow 747!

Pinegrow is a bit complex, yet it lets you fly all over the WordPress world.

Just want to grab the deal? Use the coupon code PINEGROW747 during checkout for Pinegrow Web Editor, Pinegrow WordPress Plugin and Theme Converter.

In case you missed it, Cwicly was a WordPress page builder that got suddenly shut down with no prior notice to its users. This event triggered renewed interest of the WordPress developer community in alternatives to page builders.

Pinegrow gets repeatedly mentioned as an alternative. Let me add a few thoughts on that, and then reveal our new and amazing deal for ALL page builder users.

What is the Pinegrow way of building WordPress projects?

Unlike page builders, Pinegrow creates pure WordPress themes and plugins that use core WordPress features and do not rely on any other plugins or themes – not even on Pinegrow itself. 

Pinegrow gives the power of hand-coding native WordPress projects to everybody – without coding! All you need are basic web skills and awareness of how things are done in WordPress. You don’t have to write a single line of PHP, JavaScript or set up a React build environment for blocks.

The main benefit of this approach is flexibility to do exactly what your project requires

Classic theme or FSE? Which CSS framework to choose?… With Pinegrow you can use whatever works for you. Need to use an advanced CSS grid? No need to wait for WordPress core or nag your page builder team to add the feature. Just use CSS, HTML and then create an editable custom block with a couple of clicks.

We have been fine-tuning this approach for the last 10 years.

During this time we kept up with WordPress development, going from customizer support, custom fields to generating theme.json and above all adding the first-class support for creating custom blocks. The latest update uses live WordPress data and preview during editing.

Why is Pinegrow so complicated?

The main concern we hear from developers is complexity. 

Somebody said that Pinegrow UI looks like the cockpit of a Boeing 747.

True, it is complex. But think of everything 747 can do for you! It is the same for Pinegrow. It is complex, because it can fly you to any destination in the WordPress world and carry the cargo of any project. If you learn how to use it, nothing can stop you.

And the complexity is just the first impression. If you spend some time with Pinegrow you will discover how features are logically organized in various panels.

What if Pinegrow goes away one day?

All your projects will continue to work.

All source projects will still be yours, they are just HTML and CSS. 

All exported themes and plugins will still be editable, they are just PHP and JavaScript.

And the most important thing – all the WordPress, HTML and CSS skills you gained through using Pinegrow will still be yours.

How can we help you get started with Pinegrow?

Special promo for users of page builders

First of all, we are giving 35% OFF all WordPress Pinegrow editions to users of Cwicly and any other WordPress page builder. You can use the deal for:

Not sure which edition to choose?

To access the deal use the coupon code PINEGROW747 during checkout:

No need to send us proof of your page builder purchase – we know that everybody here owns at least one of these.

A free course on creating themes with Pinegrow

On top of that, Adam Lowe just opened up his in-depth course on developing themes with Pinegrow – the course is now offered for free! Most of you know Adam – he is an amazing educator. This course is the best place to start to get familiar with Pinegrow in a step by step way:

Learn with in-app tutorials

Pinegrow comes with a bunch of built-in interactive tutorials that provide a good introduction to creating WordPress blocks and to using Pinegrow UI:

Open Pinegrow and head into Interactive tutorials to learn step by step.

We are here to support you

Our friendly user community and support is here to assist you with any hiccups.

Thank you for considering Pinegrow! If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.

Last updated on March 11, 2024 at 10:18 am

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