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Release 2.4 – 3. Dec 2015

Resizable views, PHP editing, partials, improved components and many other fixes.

Pinegrow 2.4 is here – our third release in the last three weeks. Sorry for making you download Pinegrow so often, we’ll try to keep quiet during the New Year’s holidays 🙂

Download Pinegrow 2.4

So, what’s new in Pinegrow 2.4?

Resize page views

Page views are now resizable. That’s great for checking how the page responds to different screen widths. Not only that, the current size can be used to create and edit responsive breakpoints.

Edit PHP HTML templates

Open and edit PHP files that contain HTML layouts with dynamic PHP statements. Double-click on the PHP code to edit it live. Note, this is not a general purpose PHP editor (your favorite IDE is best for that), rather a tool to edit PHP HTML templates (you are separating your app’s bussines logic from presentation templates, right?).

That’s just the first release of PHP support. We’ll do more with it in the next few months.


Partials are HTML documents that contain only parts of the whole page. They are often used in web apps. Now you can edit partials in Pinegrow, either as stand-alone documents without styling or rendered into a container page of your choice.

You can also add Save as partial action to any element to export it into a separate file every time you save the page. See how we use this feature for dialogs in Pinegrow.

Improved components

Components got useful tools like Go to definition, Duplicate definition and Do not update.

Foundation 6…

…is not ready yet. We’re working on it right now and will be out asap.

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