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Newsletter #9 – July 30, 2020

Customized TailwindCSS themes – Fantico Tailwind CSS landing page tutorial – WordPress FAQ – Master pages tutorial – Pinegrow 5.971

Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here.

Welcome to another action-packed edition of the Pinegrow Newsletter:

  • Work with customized TailwindCSS themes – New in Tailwind editor
  • Build a Fantico landing page – TailwindCSS tutorial
  • Everything you wanted to know about creating WordPress themes, but were afraid to ask – The Pinegrow WordPress FAQ  
  • Tutorial about using Master pages in a multi-page project
  • Pinegrow Web Editor 5.971 is out

Let’s get started.

Work with customized TailwindCSS themes in Tailwind Visual Editor

The latest Pinegrow Web Editor (just released) comes with a powerful new feature: Tailwind Visual Editor can now inspect your Tailwind stylesheet and adjust visual controls to your custom screen sizes, pseudo states, colors, fonts and all other extendable utilities.

Learn about using customized Tailwind themes »

Build the Fantico landing page with TailwindCSS – Tutorial

Take a look at this in-depth tutorial to learn how to style a landing page with TailwindCSS and Tailwind Visual Editor. This tutorial is a great resource if you want to get familiar with TailwindCSS and see how Pinegrow can make the process easy and fun.

Build a landing page with TailwindCSS »

The ultimate Pinegrow WordPress FAQ

Take a look at the comprehensive guide to creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow Web Editor and Pinegrow Theme Converter, answering real-world questions about the topic. This is a must-read if you are not 100% sure about how WordPress theme development works in Pinegrow. 

Find answers about WordPress development »

Tutorial about using Master pages in a multi-page project

Master pages (a Pinegrow PRO feature) let you define a page layout that is then used and extended by its child pages. This can save you a lot of time when working on a multi-page project. Take a look at this tutorial to get familiar with master pages and start using them on your projects.

Get started with Master pages »

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.971 is out

Today we released Pinegrow Web Editor 5.971 with TailwindCSS customization, improved CSS Grid editor and bug fixes.

Get the latest Pinegrow »

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Have a good day,
Matjaz & the Pinegrow Team