Technical support and other enquiries.

For technical support, contact us at

For non-technical enquiries, write to us at

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips to make our support process more effective!

    • Before reporting an issue, please close Vue Designer, comment out Pinegrow Vite Plugin (or) your integration modules such as Nuxt/Iles module in your config file, and make sure the issue is not with your code.
    • If the issue was with your code, please log the issue with the relevant framework/package’s repository. You can use Vue Designer’s Config Panel to easily find the support URLs of your key packages.
    • When reporting an issue with Vue Designer, please include videos, screenshots and sample reproduction that will help us to reproduce and investigate the problem.
    • When sending us a zip file, make sure you include the lock file (for eg, package-lock.json) and delete the node_modules folder before compressing your project into a zip file.
    • We strongly recommend using online services such as,, Vue SFC Playground to create and share reproductions of your issues.
    • Your issue might be experienced by others in our community. Do a quick search on our forum at Vue Designer Community and get help from other users.

    Last updated on July 6, 2023 at 3:21 am

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