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Licensing Questions

Learn everything about how to renew your license, change or cancel your subscription plan to Pinegrow.

Money Back Policy

We do our best to resolve any issues and make you happy with Pinegrow. Still, sometimes things don’t work out. We’ll refund the full amount of your purchase under the following condition

How to Cancel your Pinegrow subscription

Monthly subscription with recurring monthly payment don’t benefit from the 30 days money back guarantee BUT can be cancelled at any time. Here is how to proceed.

How to change your Pinegrow subscription

Purchasing a monthly plan is a good way to use Pinegrow for a short period but sometimes you may realize that you need more (or less) than the version for which you have subscribed.

How-to Renew your annual license

Renewing the license – for half the price of a new license – will give you one more year of free Pinegrow updates + access to the Major upgrades (for example V2.xx to V3.xx). You can do it through an easy 3 steps process!

Try Pinegrow for free for 7 days

Do you want to try Pinegrow before you purchase a license or subscribe to a monthly plan? Do you want to be sure that the features match your expectations and/or needs?

Students, Teachers, and Non-profit organizations

Pinegrow is a great tool for learning about web development and design. While it makes many things easier, it doesn’t try to hide implementation details of HTML and CSS.

Pinegrow Web Editor Software License Agreement

Version 1.4 – November 25. 2014

Last updated on January 10, 2018 at 12:56 pm

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