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Block Condition

Conditionally show the element based on the value of a block attribute.

Block Condition action is available in Pinegrow Web Editor 7.5+ and Pinegrow WordPress Plugin 1.0.11+.

Action arguments

Attribute id

Select the block attribute that will be used in the condition. By default, the element is shown if the attribute value is set.


Negate the condition. When checked, the element is shown if the condition is not true – for example, if the attribute value is not set, or if the attribute value does not equal the value parameter.


Enter the value if you wish to use the attribute value in the condition. If the value is set in this field, the element is shown if the attribute value equals the value of this field.


The operator used when comparing the attribute value with the Value argument. Operators except == and != use numeric comparison.


To see the Block Condition in action take a look at the couple of examples.

Note, examples are available as Interactive tutorials in Pinegrow dashboard.

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Last updated on May 29, 2023 at 4:20 am

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