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Configure Pinegrow with environment variables

Installing and activating Pinegrow in multiuser environments.

The following method is useful for workspaces and classrooms where Pinegrow is installed centrally.

Note, you need an appropriate Pinegrow license that supports the number of users who use Pinegrow.

You can use environment variables to set the license info and web server parameters, so that users won’t have to individually activate Pinegrow with the shared license.

Instead of giving out the license details to all users, set the environment variables:


When the user starts Pinegrow for the first time, the Activate dialog will be refilled with these values and auto-submitted to activate the application. License email and key will not be visible.

In addition, PG_WEBSERVER_HOST and PG_WEBSERVER_PORT environment variables can be used to specify the hostname and port for the internal web server (instead of setting these values in Settings).