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Components, Master pages and Libraries

Follow practical examples to learn how to use master pages, smart components, editable areas and other Pinegrow features for managing static HTML projects.

Pinegrow comes with powerful tools like Projects, Master pages and Smart components, perfect for building and managing multi-page websites.


Smart components are reusable website elements that can have editable areas. Go through this article to learn about everything you can do with them.

Editable areas

Editable areas are used in both Master pages and Smart components. They are layout elements that can be customized on content pages and in component instances. Different aspects of elements can be defined as editable: the content, attributes, and classes.

Master Pages

Master pages are a feature that enable you to define common structure and interface markup elements for your Web site, including headers, footers, style definitions, or navigation bars.


Partials are files with parts of HTML code or components. Pinegrow lets you edit them in the context of their parent page.


Projects allow you to open any folder as a project. The file tree of the folder is displayed in Project panel. There you can easily open pages, add new ones, delete unneeded files. Note: the use of many template resources requires that you set-up a project folder.

Pinegrow CMS for static HTML websites

No code on the server. No API calls. No generators. Just HTML.
Pinegrow CMS lets end-users edit static HTML websites without touching the HTML code.


Learn about components, master pages and partials with our step-by-step tutorials.

Reusable libraries

Every project can be loaded as a library of another project. That means that all the components and resources de ned in the library project will become available for use in the current project. That’s a powerful way of defining reusable
website components.

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