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Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme 2

The WordPress Starter Theme 2 (ST2) is a framework for quickly developing your own custom themes based on Bootstrap 4.5.0, SASS and WooCommerce 4.2.2.


The WordPress Starter Theme 2 is based on Bootstrap 4.x, with a complete set of WordPress common templates and support for Jetpack & WooCommerce.

The WordPress Starter Theme 2:

Get started with the Starter Theme 2 in 12 minutes


Getting started

Project Site

The complete project is available on GitHub. Download the ZIP file or clone the repository to get started.

Try the Demo site

Visit the demo site to explore the live install of the Starter Theme 2.


Read the documentation to learn how to get started and how to customize the Starter Theme 2.

Want to test-drive the Starter Theme 2 in less than 10 minutes?

We prepared a directly usable version of Starter Theme 2, in the form of a 100% pre-configured site archive (packed with structure, content, examples and more…) to be used immediately on your computer through the use of the free and multi-platform (mac/win/linux) Local.app Lightning application.


The Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme is deeply inspired by the UnderStrap theme, The Bootstrap 4 + WordPress Theme Framework and numerous components/files are directly forked from this awesome projects.


  • SASS: Utilizes the SASS sources from all assets as well as own SASS files. Makes it easy to replace colors, fonts, stylings etc. directly from Pinegrow visual CSS editor. (Learn more about how-to easily Customize Bootstrap 4 with Pinegrow.
  • Options Panel: Let you add custom code right from your WordPress customization panel. You can also control the slider settings.
  • Jetpack-ready: Comes with basic theme support for the famous plugin bundle by Automattic. No extra styles or settings but you can use both in combination.
  • WooCommerce support: The WordPress Starter Theme supports WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is the #1 e-commerce system for WordPress (more than 1.000.000 active installs).
  • Template parts.
  • Built-in slider: Standard Bootstrap 4.x slider component.
  • Dedicated page templates for Page Builders plugins.
  • Many useful extra utility features are directly included (security hotfix, “emojis” remover and more …) > see inc/custom.php
  • Default Theme export fully validated via the Theme Check plugin.
  • Released under GNU General Public License v2, The WordPress Starter Theme 2 is free to use for personal and commercial projects which are compatible with this license.
  • And more…

What are the benefits of using the WordPress Starter Theme?

  • Skip the boring parts of theme development: all standard templates and boilerplate code are ready. The Starter Theme 2 lets you go straight to building and customizing your theme.
  • The Starter Theme 2 lets you use a visual approach to designing and coding WordPress themes through the power of Pinegrow’s tools for visually editing HTML and CSS.
  • The Starter Theme 2 uses template parts (a WordPress recommended best practice).
  • The most common templates from the WordPress template hierarchy are immediately available as well as basic templates for the most popular e-commerce plugin: WooCommerce.
  • There is no CSS bloat. The CSS is intentionally minimalist and is not meant to be awesome. It only provides what is necessary fora basic display of the default layout + the WordPress CSS essentials. With Pinegrow, you can easily customize the theme.css to fit your needs.
  • The Starter Theme 2 is fully compliant with the WordPress theme guidelines.
  • You can use the Starter Theme 2 to create as many projects as you want and distribute them in any way you please.

What is inside the package?

  • Partial templates.
  • Minimum CSS styling to ease customization.
  • Common templates and custom page templates.
  • Basic Woocommerce store. (tested with WooCommerce 4.2.2)
  • Fully cutomizable (layout, CSS with SASS version included, features…).
  • 100% Bootstrap (Currently v4.5.0).
  • Translation ready / I18n.

WordPress common templates

Read more about the  WordPress common templates.

  • index.html (exported to index.php)
  • archive.html → archive.php
  • 404.html → 404.php
  • page.html → page.php
  • single.html → single.php
  • search.html → search.php
  • woocommerce.html → woocommerce.php

Custom Page templates

  • page-woocommerce.html → page-woocommerce.php (page template)
  • page-without-sidebars.html → page-without-sidebars.php (page template)
  • page-builders-canvas.html → page-builders-canvas.php (page template)
  • page-builders-full-width.html → page-builders-full-width.php (page template)

How-to use the WordPress Starter Theme 2

The process is fairly simple: Just pull the project on your computer (using a Git client or by downloading the zip file) and start tweaking the files (layout, css, more wordpress actions …) as per your needs & liking using Pinegrow PRO/WP and … export your theme!

Read the documentation here.

Recommended Plugins


The WordPress Starter Theme is created by the Pinegrow Team and is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2.


How-to contribute to the code and provide fixes and/or features?

See our Contribution Guidelines, Code of conduct and Issue Template.

Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme 2 documentation

If you want to create your own WordPress theme with Pinegrow PRO/WP but you do not yet have all the necessary knowledge OR if you simply want to optimize your process and start from a solid foundation and focus on the essentials, using the ST2 is the best opportunity to get started quickly and efficiently.

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