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Is Pinegrow the right choice for you?

If you don’t know what HTML elements and CSS rules are, and you’re just looking for a simple drag and drop editor to quickly build a website without knowing what happens in the background, then Pinegrow is maybe not the right tool for you.

On the other hand, Pinegrow is a good choice for you if:

  • You’re proficient with HTML and CSS and want a powerful editor that combines visual tools with code editing and integrates well into your existing workflow.
  • You aren’t familiar with HTML and CSS yet, but need a playground where you can learn them well.
  • You’re working with Bootstrap or Foundation and don’t want to remember hundreds of framework classes and are tired of copy-pasting the code of various components.
  • You prefer to work with HTML and CSS directly and have complete control over your code or need flexibility that code generators can’t provide.
  • You wish to automate your development workflow by using reusable component libraries, master pages and editable areas.
  • You are looking for a simple CMS for static HTML websites, either for yourself or for your clients.
  • You need an easy way to convert HTML websites into WordPress themes.
  • You’re looking for an efficient alternative to a cloud-based or subscription-based web editing software.

Still undecided?

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